Our Vision

Mission Statement

  • Reach out to inner city youth and young adults in the Washington Metropolitan Area (Washington, D. C., Maryland, and Virginia)
  • Provide a supportive Christ-centered environment where they are welcomed, heard, and accepted into a spiritual family that will not judge them
  • Model Christ-like character and values so that they desire relationship with Him
  • Nurture their growth into men and women of God who are tomorrow’s leaders by building their self-esteem as well as their faith and helping them set and achieve their goals
  • Equip them with skills to engage with each other in ways that build satisfying relationships and make their lives in their high-risk homes and communities more manageable

Vision Statement

God gave me a vision to find acres of land that would be located on the outskirts of the District of Columbia, away from all the hustle and bustle of city living, a place of temporary refuge from crime, drugs, dysfunctional families, and emotionally traumatizing and abusive lifestyles. God has shown and directed me to build a church building for Sunday School and church services, a recreational area with a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, and ample fields in which to play, always to be a sanctuary where all children He sends me can be at peace and have fun.

We declare this vision DONE, because we are one people with a common vision, making the same confession that nothing will be restrained from us that we have been given by God to do (Gen 11:6) while tenaciously advancing the kingdom of God and warring to possess our inheritance (Matt 11:12).


  • Christ-centered
  • Youth and Young Adult Focused
  • High Risk Home and Community Demographic
  • Loving Outreach
  • Church-based Relationships