Meet The Congregation

Armor of Righteousness Ministry is God’s instrument to serve inner-city youth and young adults in high risk communities through the name of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to restore hope to today’s troubled and contentious youth, by providing a nurturing Christian environment, where they not only feel loved, but learn to love self as well as others. Our satisfaction and joy comes from witnessing the release of their Christian potential as they become confident, positive individuals who give back to their own communities by becoming productive citizens and leaders themselves who realize that dreams can indeed become realities and accomplishments

Our approach is not of lecturing or preaching, but of building relationships with one another. Unfortunately, our society does not provide many safe environments for young people to be themselves or cultivate a spiritual life. The media is constantly bombarding our young people with false images, expectations, and unrealistic lifestyles. The spiritual life is often portrayed as dull and outdated. Our goal is to reinvigorate a sense of excitement and adventure in pursuing a life united with Christ. Our community offers a welcoming, non-judgmental environment where people from all walks of life can come to share how the Lord is working in our lives. Many believe that the ministry is specifically for youth and young adults. However, our doors are opened to all ages. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, through the Armor of Righteousness Ministry.